Stoney’s Book is up on!

Levels: The Host on

Wow – it was fun learning how to design a book. Lots of work, too! Thank goodness for! I’m really proud of the result.

Please comment below if you’d like to learn more about this rewarding and complex process—self-publishing a book that was in print, but is now out of it.

We designed the dead tree version, too, coming soon!

If you like science fiction and suspense, this is the book for you! Check it out!

In near-future Manhattan, First-Leveler Watly Caiper, desperate for cash, lets a rich Second Leveler rent his body in an ultra-real game called Hosting. Framed for murder, he’s on the run from the police. Can he catch the real killer before they catch him?

Levels: The Host

Two Days to Comic-Con 2014!

I’m super-psyched to head to Comic-Con this Thursday. This year, I swear not to be made zombie by the overwhelming stimuli of the Exhibit Hall, and if they still have those Star Wars footsie pjs, they will be mine!

The Cumberdude will be there promoting Penguins of Madagascar, and maybe even showing up for the Hobbit presentation in Hall H. I’ve never been to a Hall H Presentation myself. Never thought getting on line at 5am was worth it.

I plan on checking out all of the panels on Science Fiction and Fantasy I can get into, and I mean the kind made out of sentences and paragraphs. Take that, visual media!

I am currently reading via Audible the wonderful Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy. Have you read it? Russian magic, and a very sexy bad guy in the Darkling. I thought I was done with love triangles, but no! This one really works! The look and feel of the magic is especially cool. Check it out!

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