Society6: My New Art and Merchandise Store!

Hulliballoo Smith Art on
Hulliballoo Smith Circles Pond Tank Tee

A Day of Creation

I did something really fun today. I made some digital art, and posted it to Society6! Now you can buy my art as a throw pillow, shower curtain, rug, print, tee shirt, phone or laptop cover, or even a baby onesie!

A Brand New Brand

I invented a new artist store called Hulliballoo Smith. I just like the sound of those words together.

I used these geometric shapes and the sublimated one of my spinner shots from way back when up at the Barnsdall Art Park Silverlake Wine tastings. You can see the sprockets, just barely, but the overall effect is the give the shapes some texture so they look a bit more painterly.

Check it out!

Hulliballoo Smith Logo – Done in a day!
Whipped the logo off rather quickly. Took less than an hour, and I suppose it shows, but I wanted this art to have an easy, unpretentious feel. 
iPad Case from Hulliballoo Smith
What’s your lastest creative project? What inspires you? Comments are welcome below!
Hulliballoo Smith Circles Slate and Agate Tote Bag